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Emma Linh Pham
Emma Linh Pham
Member of Outsource Masters since Nov 28, 2020
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Thank you for this video. It clarified a lot, now I feel more confident on where to divert my thoughts on creating content for marketing. 🙂
Bill Grant
Bill Grant
Member of Outsource Masters since Dec 9, 2020
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Great video - very informative. Thanks for the reading recommendations too.
Bayo Adio
Bayo Adio
Member of Outsource Masters since Dec 1, 2020
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I just want to share some gratitude to both of you. This program is such a HUGE blessing to me. By creating this program, you are going to change so many people's lives, A lot of people are going to be able to earn income to take care of their family.

You guys overdeliver so much, answer all of my questions and gave me all the tools and clarity I need to finally overcome procrastination and build this thing. I am SO pumped and I am just going to put this out there right now and DECLARE IT PUBLICLY. I WILL hire 100 people and match them with a business in 2021. LETS GO! 🙂 AAAH!
Divine Corcio
Divine Corcio
Member of Outsource Masters since Dec 5, 2020
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Just want to say thank you Linh Podetti for this course very helpful, I learned alot and I already shared this to my VAs to apply in our social media..

And since Last December, I have 3 long term clients already.

Here’s what you will learn from this community and coaching sessions:

What do I get in this membership?

We virtually hold your hand through the process of building your own VA team.

Building a team of Virtual Assistants is rewarding, but not without challenges. Where do you turn to when you have questions and need the right guidance to overcome them?


With the Outsource Masters membership, you will also get access to our private community where you can get help with implementing your learnings from our Outsource Mastery course.


Here, you get to ask questions specific to your business needs and circumstances, expand your network, connect with other business leaders, learn and get ongoing support.

female hand typing keyboard laptop

Linh Podetti, CEO

Founder of Outsourcing Angel

Hi, I'm Linh and I've built a recruitment based model on a global scale. Now I'd like to help you build your own VA team!

Marilyn Wo, CEO

Founder of MeetAnders

Hi, I'm Marilyn and I'm growing a graphic design business with a team of graphic design Virtual Assistants based in Singapore.

Marilyn Wo, CEO

Founder of MeetAnders

Hi, I'm Marilyn and I'm growing a graphic design business with a team of graphic design Virtual Assistants based in Singapore.

Marilyn Wo, CEO

Founder of MeetAnders

Learn from other business leaders & expert guest speakers to become the Master of Outsourcing

 We’ve got expert interviews with top business leaders and subject matter experts in areas like outsourcing, marketing, operations, sales and strategy. Plus templates for the things you need but often can’t find reliable sources like financing, contracts, checklists and processes.

Richard Phu

Operations Manager of Outsourcing Angel

Anne Phosavanh

Marketing Manager of Outsourcing Angel

Heidi Doan

Outsourcing Consultant of Outsourcing Angel

Access to our private coaching community and get your specific business needs met!

Join today and get instant access to 50+ videos and templates including:

Payment systems for clients

Entrepreneur mindset

Build your recruitment system

Time management - how to achieve more with your time

How to systemize your business

Leads and sales management

Copywriting that sells

How to onboard virtual assistants

How to delegate effectively

How to track your marketing

That’s just some of the content that’s already in Outsource Masters. As we add in new content every month, there will be 100+ in there by the end of this year. Best of all, you’ll see the ROI within five minutes of logging in to your account after signing up.

10% of the proceeds go to charity

Profits are great! But it’s greater to share them with the less fortunate.


With our mission to help as many people as we can, we embrace the mindset of giving


When you join us, you are instantly a huge part of our movement working towards achieving zero poverty.

Join us! We are here sharing tips, videos, first-hand lessons, and more from what I’ve learned growing Outsource Angel over the last decade.

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